Fresh, colorful insights for brands that matter. 


Call us what you will… researchers, strategic planners, documentarians, way finders, marketers. We partner with a select set of clients to find, refine and share their brands’ best, most meaningful and most connected way forward.

Our small but mighty core of three multi-purposers is usefully surrounded by a long-established supporting cast of proven specialists.



Charity Sevian


As the founder and lead talent wrangler of Berry, Charity specializes in growing what’s good, with deep experience in health food, health care and healthy living. She has recently partnered with Dignity Health, Annie's, Kaiser Permanente, Jackson’s Honest, Aspen, Kashi and Oakley to identify and execute growth strategies. Before founding Berry, Charity was a Director of Strategy for Boulder-based Egg Strategy,

where she led strategy initiatives for Kashi Company, the Hain Celestial Group, PepsiCo (Frito-Lay and Tropicana), Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Sprite and GU.

Charity graduated from the University of Colorado. She lives in Boulder and lives up to nearly every stereotype associated with the location, including spending her “spare” time enjoying the mountain sunshine, running, skiing, cycling and hiking.

Kevin Malloy


In his 23-year career as an market research and message strategy expert, Kevin has led consulting initiatives for some of the world's most high-profile brands including Coca-Cola, DirecTV, Absolut, and Bank of America. Recently, he has worked extensively with Dignity Health’s market-specific teams to help position particular service lines and support the Dignity brand in the face of renewed competition.

Kevin was previously COO/Partner and client lead for Egg Strategy, a 40-person brand strategy & research firm. Kevin graduated from Stanford in 1991 and started his marketing career as a brand strategist in major San Francisco ad agencies. He moved to Colorado in 2000.


Linda Fergusson


As an internationally experienced market research consultant, Linda specializes in the design and analysis of quantitative research studies.  Her particular expertise is in visualization of research data and uncovering the relevant insights for clients to provide clear and meaningful conclusions. 

Linda has over 20 years of experience in the global marketing research field and has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  She is a key member of consulting teams recently engaged by clients as diverse as Annie’s, BP, Dignity Health, Disney, John Deere, OfficeMax and Total.  


Research: We aren’t exaggerating when we say we’ve seen it all. The methods vary – whether digging around in pantries or moderating focus groups or conducting large scale surveys, our goal is the same: Gather what we need to know, and dive deep to leverage the why.

Exploratory and Ideation

  • Depth Qualitative
  • Traditional focus groups
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Online discussion groups
  • Online diary/video journaling

Custom Quantitative

  • Need, People-type and Brand-Centric Consumer Segmentations

Brand Tracking and Measurement




Strategy: We trust our process and use it well. We build brand- and organization-specific tools to codify and inspire a clear way forward.

Expert and influencer ideation

Brand Strategy Mapping: Values, Architecture, Positioning Maps and Models





Activation: You don’t win market share with PowerPoint alone.  So we help bring the strategy to life. From advertising and design to trade marketing to our Juice™ podcast series, we lead teams in deploying the right method for the right job.


Brand community:

  • Manifestos, brand books and videos
  • The Juice™: Brand community podcast series




Client List

Nothing makes us more proud than the company we keep. 


Vermilion: Our Agent and Community Co-conspirators

We hold out hope that PowerPoint slides will someday suffice as consumer-facing marketing. But until that day comes, there’s Vermilion. Our smart and sophisticated local design and digital friends are always doing right by the world. They’ve introduced us and collaborated on work with Aspen, Door to Door Organics, Jackson’s Honest and more.


23tons: Strategic Artists and Manifesto Makers

Our friends at 23tons express strategy through art. Beautiful, emotive, inspiring, proprietary design and storytelling that remind us that our work is for and by humans. With 23tons, attention to every potential detail adds up to a clear sense of brand purpose. 



Young Jenkins: Brand Activists

Berry makes your brand smart.  Young Jenkins makes your brand famous.  Strategically-grounded, creatively-lively experiences – via integration of branded events, tours, digital and social connections -- are their coin of the realm. 


The Design Strategist: Our Visual Guide

She gets us. No explanation necessary. Fresh and colorful are understatements to this strategist turned mom turned business-focused presentation and design maven.